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Custom designed to suit your needs


  • Efficient low flow kitchen hoods
  • Advanced air filtration plants
  • Ozone injection systems
  • Particulate control 
  • Smoke and odour mitigation
  • Advanced grease removal 
  • Preliminary design specification 
  • Exhaust assessment and reporting
  • Maintenance services

AOM New Zealand is at the forefront of innovative equipment for the capture and treatment of commercial kitchen exhaust.


Our services encompass all aspects of design, specification and supply of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and air cleaning units. We believe in the benefits of clean air and quality ventilation systems. We are passionate about chef comfort, energy efficiency and fire safety. AOM products especially enhance our urban environments by helping the restaurants we love cook how they like right next to shops, offices and places we live.

Cur partner company website is hosted at please visit this site for more details.

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